OEM Acura Air Filters

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Dirt and debris can get into your throttle body and air intake and deposit on other engine parts like your carburetor or fuel injectors and spark plugs. Dust, pollen, and other allergens, on the other hand, can accumulate in the ducts and on the fans and vents of your HVAC system.

The best way to capture it all before that happens is to install a genuine Acura air filter. Your vehicle has two types: an engine air filter and a cabin air filter. Eventually, though, they clog. They cause problems for driving when they do. A blocked engine air filter forces an engine to burn extra air and fuel unnecessarily, leading to misfires, higher emissions, lower fuel economy, and engine performance issues. A blocked cabin air filter cuts airflow, making it harder to heat and cool your interior, reducing air quality, and stressing your motor.

How to Recognize Failing Air Filters

Luckily, it's easy to tell when you should change air filters. Look for signs like a lit Check Engine light, brittle or discolored fibers, and accumulated muck. For engine filters specifically, listen for unusual engine noise and look for excessive exhaust smoke. For cabin filters, smell for unpleasant odors.

Buy Genuine Acura Air Filters Online

If you're still unsure when to replace your air filters, review your filter maintenance schedule. It's in your owner's manual. When it's time to get a new set, buy genuine. Acura air filters will fit your model best. Order yours from our auto parts counter today.

Filter, Air Cleaner
MSRP $25.83
Part Number: 8-97064-558-0
Other Names: Filter Air Cleaner More Names
  • Acura:
    • SLX
Lid, Air Conditioner Filter
MSRP $19.13
Part Number: 80291-TZ3-A41
Other Names: Lid More Names
  • Acura:
    • TLX
Filter Assembly, Air Conditioner
MSRP $29.40
Part Number: 80290-SDA-A01
Other Names: Filter A C More Names
Replaces: 80290-SDC-A01
  • Acura:
    • TL,
    • TSX
Filter, Electronic Air Control Valve (Toyo Roki)
MSRP $10.08
Part Number: 36454-PS4-003
Other Names: Filter More Names
  • Acura:
    • Integra,
    • Legend,
    • NSX,
    • Vigor
Air Filter
MSRP $10.82
Part Number: DP-AF3226
Air Filter
MSRP $16.78
Part Number: DP-AF5190
Air Filter
MSRP $8.59
Part Number: DP-AF5216
Air Filter
MSRP $19.27
Part Number: DP-AF10040
Air Filter
MSRP $14.55
Part Number: DP-AF2883

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